The right place to get connected with the right clients

Clients are looking for you. You are THE RIGHT COUNSELOR.

Finding clients. Building your caseload. Marketing. If you're like most counselors, you probably felt your anxiety rise a little. It can be scary figuring out how to find new clients, especially if you are just getting started or needing to expand your reach in the community. And on top of those hurdles, there are multiple platforms that will charge you to get connected to the clients you need, while maybe not providing the easiest platform to navigate.

That's why we created The Right Counselor and it's why we are different from the others. We work hard to drive the right kinds of traffic to your page, at no charge to you, so you can find the clients who are right for you. We don't charge clients, either. We know that creating meaningful connections can create healthy communities and that is our main goal.

You can focus on what you do best and know we will be working to make sure potential clients find you...The Right Counselor.

  • Free for counselors & potential clients!
  • Professional profile designed to showcase your work
  • Detailed counselor search results
  • Connect easily with clients
  • Profile analytics
  • Professional endorsements & peer reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit for me in joining The Right Counselor?

We are providing this directory to ensure counselors are connecting with the people that really need their help and resources in their own communities. We've seen counselors struggle to get clients and we've seen clients struggle to find the right counselor for them. We aim to close that gap by providing this service free of charge so that our communities can grow healthier each day.

Why is there a wait for my profile to be approved and shown on the site?

We take the time to verify all license information so potential clients know they are connecting with someone reputable. We also ensure all contact information is accurate so potential clients have everything they need to get in touch with you!

What are endorsements & why are they important?

An endorsement is essentially one professional giving another professional a thumbs up. It's a quick way for them to say something like, "I know you are a great therapist" or "I would send my friends and family to you." For potential clients, we believe a professional to professional endorsement is like a peek behind the curtain so that you can see who therapists themselves would refer to.

How are endorsements different from reviews?

While an endorsement is just a general “thumbs up,” a peer review is a more expanded, thoughtfully written endorsement from one counselor to another. A peer review goes into more depth in order to give a potential client an idea of why one professional would specifically recommend another professional.

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